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  • Bound 3

    Ease Your ‘Bound 2’ PTSD With Seth Rogen and James Franco’s ‘Bound 3’

    A great deal has been written and Photoshopped with regard to Kanye West’s video for Kim Kardashian, “Bound 2.” If you haven’t seen the video, this would be the best time to watch it. When I wrote about “Bound 2" last week, I expressed disappointment that the video did not play out exactly as I’d […]

  • Playboy Club

    Fall TV Cancellation Fantasy Scorecard: Playboy Club Disappoints, Free Agents Is Doomed

    The early going of a baseball season is often slow: Teams need extra time to gel, personalities need to mesh, and scoring is down. The inaugural Grantland Fall TV Cancellation League is no different: two weeks in and action, as well as the pickings, are slim. There is only one out-of-the-box breakout hit — Fox’s […]

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