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  • Yes, It’s Good: AMC’s Big ‘Better Call Saul’ Bet Pays Off

    The ‘Breaking Bad’ spinoff may not be great (yet), but it’s sure as hell entertaining.

  • The 30: Amid Another Collapse, No Hard Knocks for Anemic Atlanta

    Could the Braves have prevented their 2014 collapse? Are the Twins deceptively well positioned for the future? Can the Pirates and Tigers keep cruising right into October? It’s Week 25 of The 30.

  • Frame Jobs

    What we can learn about manipulating the strike zone from all-world receiver Brad Ausmus, an elite catching prospect, and Dennis Eckersley, the beneficiary of, ahem, a widened target.

  • Ask the Maester: Our Lingering Game of Thrones Questions Answered!

    If you’re like us, each Game of Thrones episode will generate nearly as many questions as answers, especially of the “Who is that guy again?” or “Wait, what just happened right there?” variety. So the Grantland staff compiled a list of such lingering queries and posed them to Maester netw3rk, our in-house Throne whisperer, to […]

  • NFL

    Black and Brown Blues

    A visit inside — OK, near — the Cleveland war room on the occasion of the NFL draft.

  • Arrested Development

    Developmental Psychiatry

    Is the return of Arrested Development really such a great idea? And all your other small-screen questions answered in this month’s TV mailbag.

  • Dysfunctional Friends

    Dysfunctional Friends: Evaluating Terrell Owens’ Acting Debut

    Terrell Owens is in a movie. The movie is called Dysfunctional Friends. Before we critique Terrell’s acting prowess, a few important facts about the film. What It’s About Jozen Cummings: After their very wealthy friend dies unexpectedly, a formerly tight-knit group of college buddies reunite at the funeral, only to learn each of them are […]

  • Eli Manning

    Apparently Eli Manning Is ‘The Godfather’ Of Pranks

    Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal contained a delightful article exposing Giants quarterback (and most eligible non-bachelor) Eli Manning as the team’s resident prankster. “Eli Manning quietly stole receiver Hakeem Nicks’s cell phone,” the article began, “punched a few keys and when Nicks came back to his locker, the phone’s operational language had been switched to Japanese.” […]

  • The Office

    Thursday Comedy Recap: Stale Tacos and Warm Waffles

    Every week in this space Grantland pop culture correspondent Andy Greenwald will run down the happenings and mishappenings in NBC’s Thursday comedy night done mostly right. 1. The Office Since inaugurating this column two weeks ago many sheafs of Dunder-Mifflin’s finest have been filled with thoughts and theories about The Office’s predicament, the impossibility of […]

  • Wrigley Field scoreboard

    What’s the Score?

    The Fox Box and the demise of the most ubiquitous phrase in the English language.

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