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  • The Grammys

    Grammys After-Party: A Magical Night With Justin Timberlake, Frank Ocean, and Mumford & Funs

    It’s a Mumford World So, Joe Frazier beat Muhammad Ali. The Grammys did their job. Order has been maintained. What happens next? Here are my predictions: Babel will return to the top of the albums chart next week. Jay Pharoah’s inevitable yellow suit-and-headband Frank Ocean parody will be relegated to “Weekend Update,” rather than get […]

  • The Sopranos

    YouTube HOF: TV’s Greatest ‘Oh S—!’ Moments

    Something happened in the most recent episode of The Americans. Spoiler: Phillip wore a wig. Then something else happened. It was a shocking moment, one that not only signaled a raising of stakes in the series’ story, but a raising of game by the creative forces behind it. In one scene, The Americans made the […]

  • Playboy Club

    Fall TV Cancellation Fantasy Scorecard: Playboy Club Disappoints, Free Agents Is Doomed

    The early going of a baseball season is often slow: Teams need extra time to gel, personalities need to mesh, and scoring is down. The inaugural Grantland Fall TV Cancellation League is no different: two weeks in and action, as well as the pickings, are slim. There is only one out-of-the-box breakout hit — Fox’s […]

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